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Tangent bath

This is a professional bathtub for hydrotherapy in which an underwater shower massage can be made that has a good therapeutic effect. It can be combined with other procedures from anti cellulite or rehabilitation programs.

The tangent bath is used in cases of posttraumatic conditions, muscular or tissue damage, blood circulation problems, sciatica, cerebral paralysis and issues with the metabolism. The massage effect is achieved with the built-in nozzles: water-based, air-based and combined.

The underwater shower massage can be effectively used as therapy for the whole body or some of its specific parts- for relaxation, weight loss, toning of the back and tired feet. The big advantage of this type of hydrotherapy is the overall physical recovery in cases of severe muscle tension.

The underwater shower massage stimulates the blood flow and lymph circulation, thus stimulating the metabolism and detoxication of the organism. The therapy removes stress, improves muscle relaxation and immunity.

The underwater shower massage is recommended in the following cases:
  • Rheumatism
  • Arthritis
  • Plexitis
  • Sleep disorder
  • Metabolism disorder
  • Fluid retention
  • Back pain
  • Kidney ailment
  • Migraines and stress
  • Overweight and cellulite
The therapy is made while taking into consideration each client’s individual requirements and complaints.
Тангенторна вана Тангенторна вана София

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