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About us

„Sofiiski imoti” EAD

Headquarters: Sofia 1000, 12 “Gen. I. Gurko” 12, 6th floor

The company is established in the year 1995 and has la ong-standing experience in the stewardship and management of real estates and properties, including renting and doing research and making expert reports on investment projects. The company functions and acts under the current “Regulation for the order of establishing companies and practicing the Municipality’s rights of ownership in the companies” of the Metropolitan Municipal council and the statute of “Sofiiski imoti” EAD.

“Sofiiski imoti” EAD has an experienced and time-tested team of experts and specialists with an outstanding professionalism in the area of real estate management, management of investment projects, making of expert reports for evaluating the sale price of real estate as well as calculating their rental monthly fee.

Our mission

To achieve good profitability of our shareholder- the Metropolitan Municipality, by managing with maximum efficiency the available resources in the conditions of dynamic market environment. Our aim is to create conditions for successful execution of our business goals. Our purpose is to be a leader in the management of Municipal estates and investment projects.


Our vision

„Sofiiski imoti” EAD is an established and dynamically developing company for management of estates and investment projects. “Sofiiski imoti” EAD is entirely based on accomplishing the policy and programs of the Metropolitan municipality. We manage a portfolio of Municipal estates and projects and we strive to hold a leading position among the companies with similar profile on the Bulgarian market.


Our values

- Legality
- Rationality
- Efficiency
- Stability
- Transparency and control
- Communication
- Ethics.


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+585 889 996 96 sageninfo@gmail.com 184 Main Collins Street Victoria
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+585 889 996 96 sageninfo@gmail.com 184 Main Collins Street Victoria
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